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Reliable roofing for any home or building

American Craftsmen Construction LLC offers a wide range of helpful roofing services for any residential or commercial customers in our area. Whatever you could need for your home or commercial business can be done by our professional team and we're available to help 24/7.

If your roof has reached a point beyond repair or restoration, our team can help you install a re-roofing system. This can be accomplished by performing a complete tear-off or a roof overlay.


Your roof is the most vulnerable piece of the entire structure, being the first point of protection against the elements. Its integrity is of the utmost priority because it ensures the safety of your building's contents against weather damage. When it is time for you to re-roof, American Craftsmen Construction LLC provides you with the best options for your facility and budget.

Re-roofing options we offer

Roofing coatings


24/7 for Your Convenience!


Roofing coatings come in a number of product forms, but they all offer the same distinct advantages over a complete re-roofing. They come with a lower cost and easy-application process, resulting in less possible disruption for a business owner and the facility.


The flat roof coatings that we offer at American Craftsmen Construction LLC help prevent rust on metal roofs and leaks from appearing on any other kind of roofing. We use a seamless and lightweight weatherproofing coat that water cannot penetrate. This roof coating is also highly reflective, which means it will keep the sun’s ultraviolet rays away from the roof, thereby acting as a barrier against potential cracking and splintering (it will expand and contract with the temperature). This also results in helping to lower the overall temperature of the building on those bright, sunny days.

Complete tear-offs

Removing a roof can be a serious and sometimes dangerous process and under no circumstances do you have to repair your own roof. Save yourself the time and trouble by calling American Craftsmen Construction LLC for complete roof tear-off services. Whether you require a complete roof replacement or just basic roof removal, our team is available to provide any assistance you need. When providing tear-off services, we will cover every square inch of the roof to ensure the job is always well done.

Deck replacement

The deck is the part of your roof that tends to get less attention than the actual roof. Hard to notice or see in most cases, the purpose of the roofing deck is to hold up the rest of the roof. Generally not a big deal, unless it has been subjected to years of neglect and abuse.


Also, if your roofing is in poor shape, it does not generally bode well for your decking. Roofing damage is often easy enough to assess, but determining how bad the deck is before a tear-off procedure can be difficult. Also, if one particular spot has been compromised, who knows what shape other sections of the roof may be in. American Craftsmen Construction LLC can help to assess your roof deck needs and stop any issues before they can start.

Edging and flashings

Flashings are the thin pieces of impenetrable material included within the roof to prevent the movement of water into the structure from a joint. Flashing can be installed so that it is exposed or well-concealed.

Self-adhering systems

Self-adhering roofs are considered very environmentally friendly because there are no volatile organic compounds used within the material. Other distinct advantages of self-adhering roofing systems are their ease of application, minimal equipment requirements and a significantly cleaner work environment. These advantages are even more amazing when you consider the long life you can expect from a self-adhering system.

TPO systems

TPO is now the most-preferred, single-ply roofing membrane sold in the United States. TPO offers some of the best possible roof-surface reflectivity to help cool off your home or building and it is also completely recyclable.


EPDM is an elastomeric roofing sheet perfect for use with new roofs or re-roofing over a variety of common roof deck types and insulation materials. It offers high performance and longevity in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Additional features that contribute to EPDM's popularity include its resistance to sunlight and moisture, the ease and speed at which it can be applied and the overall cleanliness of the average installation.

Insulation board

Roof insulation acts like a thick blanket, inserted between the roof deck and the roof’s surface, in order to minimize heat transfer. In warmer areas, insulation can be paired with cool-roof technology to help reduce the cost of cooling the building. When in cooler climates, the insulation layer helps to reduce heat loss through your roof. In any case, high-quality insulation ensures that the home or building will maintain an optimal interior temperature at all times.

Preventive maintenance

In a lot of cases, roof issues are generally not discovered until a stain suddenly appears on the ceiling. By this point, severe damage to your wood, sheetrock and other parts of the structure may have also occurred. Maintaining a healthy roof system is your first line of defense against the unpredictable forces of nature and American Craftsmen Construction LLC is here to help.

Design and engineering

At American Craftsmen Construction LLC, we not only offer roofing installation and replacement services for existing structures, but we can also help you find the perfect roof design solutions for your building to best suit your needs.

Infrared scanning

Thermography is the science of infrared imaging. The military has been employing infrared technology for decades, fire departments use it to find trapped persons in buildings and recently the technology has been adapted for civilian applications. Infrared scanning also helps to detect:

  • Missing ceiling insulation and moisture accumulation

  • Roof leak detection, especially in foam flat roofs

  • Water and moisture intrusion that can lead to mold

  • Air infiltration caused by missing, displaced or sagging insulation

  • A/C compressor leaks

  • Structural defects

Tapered roof decks

Poor drainage from your roof can result in damages far more severe than those that wind or other natural elements can cause. Building owners routinely underestimate the advantages of having tapered roofing when evaluating the life expectancy of their roof.


Positive drainage is a necessary function for ensuring a safe and long-lasting roof. Ponded water and freeze and thaw cycles can result in expensive repairs or premature roof failure, a situation that is rarely covered under warranty or by insurance. Positive sloped-roof systems result in reduced maintenance needs and less stress overall on the building structure.

Photo documentation

Our team makes sure to take plenty of pictures throughout the process to ensure you are receiving the best quality work we can offer.


Installing 1 or more skylights can have a major impact on your building. Skylights help to reduce energy consumption, reduce opportunities for mildew and mold buildup, supply a healthy dose of Vitamin D and add to the visual appeal of the interior of your building.

Roof repairs

Even the best of roofs can fall prey to severe weather occurrences, fallen trees, vandals or other unexpected events. Even a relatively small leak has the potential to interrupt operations, slow down workflow and result in costly equipment, structural and inventory damages. Larger leaks could prove to be financially disastrous. American Craftsmen Construction LLC is here to help with any roof repair needs you can think of. Just call 732-829-0678 today and let us know what we can do to assist you!

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