NuCedar Beadboard & Beaded Sheet

Accentuating your trim & siding package with NuCedar Color Beadboard & Beaded Sheet will bring out more beauty and value to your home. NuCedar Beadboard & Beaded Sheets are prefect for ceiling applications, soffit, and wainscoting; As well as high moisture applications, such as Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, and much more.

NuCedar Beadboard & Beaded Sheets are tongue and grove with a reversible pattern. The front has the edge and center bead pattern, while the back side is a v-groove pattern. Only one surface and edges are pre-finished, so just chose which side you would like with color.

thumb Beadboard 3 thumb Beadboard 3

Beadboard Sizes

All Beadboard is Smooth Texture on both sides and the sides are Tongue & Groove.
Actual SizeExposureLengthsReverse PatternCAD
1/2" x 5-5/8"5" (each Center Bead is 2-1/2" apart) 12ft & 16ft V-Groove (Every 5") BB CAD
3/4" x 5-5/8"5" (each Center Bead is 2-12" apart)16ftV-Groove (Every 5")

Beaded Sheet Sizes

The Beaded Sheets are Smooth Texture on both sides and the edges of the sheet are Tongue & Groove. The pattern and T&G will match the Beadboard, so they can interlock together.

Actual SizeLengthBead PatternReverse PatternCAD
1/2" x 4ft8ftCenter Beads are 2-1/2" apartN/ABS CAD


Only 1 Surface and the sides are painted. The Beadboard is available in 15 standard colors, that are listed below. Some Custom Colors are allowed, however for dark colors the 3/4" Beadboard should be used.

15 Standard Colors

  • Aleutian-Blue-300x300

  • AndersonGreen

  • Antique-White

  • Argos1

  • Basket-Beige1

  • Bracing-Blue1

  • Cedar1

  • Coastal-Plain1

  • Intellectual-Gray

  • Quiver-Tan1

  • Super-White1

  • Svelte-Sage

  • Wineberry

  • Wool-Skein1

  • Worldly-Gray

Due to individual computer monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect NuCedar coating colors. Please see actual product samples for true color.

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