NuCedar Sheets

JT2 9077

NuCedar Color Sheets are perfect for custom millwork, arch window trim, soffit and porch application. Fascias, casements, rakes and other accents can easily be crafted to compliment your siding. NuCedar Sheets can be used anywhere you would use plywood panels. Our product will cut, route, and mill with ease due to our quality high density consistency.

Only one surface and the edges are pre-finished.

Sheet Sizes
















*Sizes Listed are Actual


Only 1 Surface and the edges are Pre-finished. Our sheets are available in 15 Standard Colors. Some Custom Colors are available.

15 Standard Colors

  • Aleutian-Blue-300x300

  • Antique-White

  • AndersonGreen

  • Argos1

  • Basket-Beige1

  • Bracing-Blue1

  • Cedar1

  • Coastal-Plain1

  • Intellectual-Gray

  • Quiver-Tan1

  • Super-White1

  • Svelte-Sage

  • Wineberry

  • Wool-Skein1

  • Worldly-Gray

Due to individual computer monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect NuCedar coating colors. Please see actual product samples for true color.

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