NuCedar Siding Products

NuCedar Exterior Cladding Products are available in countless colors and rich textures.
These finely crafted products are not just painted; theyre factory finished with a solar-reflective coating and come with a 25 year transferable warranty.

NuCedar Shingles

NuCedar Shingles are milled, not molded, in a modern day sawmill and have the same unique character and warm texture as wood. Our brushing patterns produce different color and shading appearance on each shingle, allowing installers to create a quilt-like effect on the exterior of a home.

NuCedar Vertical Siding

Whether used as an accent or as cladding on an entire home, NuCedar Mills three vertical siding styles are designed to capture the historic character and rustic charm of architectural designs while offering an extended level of durability, low maintenance and ease of installation.


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Complimentary Trim Products

Standard Trim & Corners

Compliment your siding with our factory finished Standard Trim and Corners. NuCedar trim is offered in a variety of standard widths and sizes. Fascias, casements, rakes and other accents can easily be crafted to complete your home.


NuCedar Color Sheets are perfect for custom millwork, arch window trim, soffit and porch application. Fascias, casements, rakes and other accents can easily be crafted to compliment your siding.

Beadboard & Beaded Sheet

Accentuating your trim & siding package with NuCedar Color Beadboard & Beaded Sheet will bring out more beauty and value to your home. NuCedar Beadboard & Beaded Sheets are prefect for ceiling applications, soffit, and wainscoting.

Specialty Trim

NuCedar wants to complete your full trim line to bring ease to installation for the builder, contractor, or any person doing DIY. NuCedar Colored Specialty Trim Package is perfect for Door and Window Surrounds, Skirt Boards, and Corners.


Our Newest addition to our trim system is our NuCedar Columns. NuCedar now has Square Posts with Caps & Bases.The Nucedar Columns can be pre-finished to match all of your other Trim Pieces.

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